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No Recovery, No Fee

Collection Advocates Incorporated

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Collection Advocates Incorporated (CAI) is the ultimate destination for insurance premium debt collection. CAI is a trusted leader in the collection industry with over 15 years of experience.

The success of CAI is accomplished by providing a wide spectrum of services, unique collection techniques, and focused debt resolution strategies.

CAI stays committed to absolute resolution with timely completion and a professional managed performance, thus exceeding client recovery goals time and time again.

Mission Objectives

Collection Advocates Incorporated (CAI) is an organized team of highly motivated experienced recovery professionals, aiming at the highest level of customer service oriented debt resolution possible.

At Collection Advocates Incorporated returning clients monies as fast as humanly possible is THE top priority. CAI stands above the rest in quality debt recovery services by providing a one stop claim resolution center. CAI is a combined force with the Law Firm of Goode, Hemme, Barger and J. Edgar Investigation Agency. CAI and its team of dedicated associates work out the details of every claim assignment until all aspects of the debt recovery process are completed.

Cost of Doing Business

Collection Advocates Incorporated (CAI) works on a “no recovery, no fee” basis.

This means if no money is recovered, CAI doesn’t get paid.   It’s that simple!

Same goes for the team of attorney’s hired by Collection Advocates Incorporated locally and nationwide.

By accepting assignments on a contingency fee basis, work is completed by investing all resources of technical expertise, time and skill for a percentage of the actual results produced.

Collection Advocates Incorporated is dedicated to exceeding every aspect of each client’s expectations.  Call now to discuss rates and services Toll Free (866) 569-8437.

Our Services

New Assignments

  • Cutting edge software technology allows new assignments to be placed electronically via E-mail or by electronic spreadsheet. This allows the collection of your money to begin the same day your accounts are placed.

Claim Evaluation

  • Looking for assets and preforming a skip trace is part of the intake process of every claim assignment. This step streamlines the recovery potential and allows for fast effective communication which usually results in an immediate resolution.

Investigation Unit

  • CAI works hand in hand with J. Edgar Investigation Agency when ordinary skip-trace efforts fail to produce. J. Edgar Investigation Agency uses off the grid techniques to pin point a debtor’s location and/or assets when to most they are unreachable.

Faster Turnaround Times

  • Demands for your money are made the same day a new assignment is placed.  Same day demands = Faster turnaround times for your monies recovery.

Team Collection Advocates Incorporated

  • “CAI“ sees itself as an extension of its clients and offers the highest level of customer service possible. Team CAI maintains the professional reputation and integrity of each client while pursuing claims on their behalf.

Response Time

  • Collection Advocates Incorporated is here for you and understands the value of your time. The team is committed to handling all of your inquiries promptly and professionally. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours, if not before. CAI also has bilingual representatives fluent in English and Spanish.

Debit and Credit Card Payments

  • All major Debit and Credit Cards are accepted over the phone or via the secure online web payment portal, providing customers 24/7 access to pay off their accounts.

Electronic Check Payments

  • E Checks are accepted and processed the same day over the phone or via the secure online web payment portal. This eliminates the “Check is in the mail” excuse and cuts out any delay in processing the payment.

Client Access

  • With online access to your assignments you can track live work progress in real time on demand.

Status Reporting

  • Customized status reports are created to the specific needs of each individual client. Keeping you up to date on only the information you need about your claims. These reports are generated on a monthly basis or by request.

Collection Advocates Legal Department

  • CAI has a direct relationship with the law firm of Goode, Hemme , Barger.  This relationship provides a seamless transition from ordinary collections to litigation when necessary to continue the recovery process. After all other avenues of voluntary collection have been exhausted, the attorneys at Goode, Hemme, Barger are available to litigate on your behalf. Even in cases when the debtor is found to be out of state, your claim may be forwarded to an attorney in the debtor’s local area for further pursuit and recovery.

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James D. Lowther

Toll Free (866) 569-8437 or (866) LOWTHER


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